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In some way or another, I've always interpreted the world around me by way of art. Throughout the various bends of my existence, I've found respite in quiet moments of creative expression. 

Piecing together a pie crust with my grandmother... sitting on Aunt Susan's lap as she helped me blend colors and learn brushstrokes.... learning composition on the piano bench when I could barely reach the pedals... I was exposed to the arts at an early age,  which is an unspeakable gift.

I feel honored to now spend my days cultivating this love for art and sharing it with others. It is one of my greatest joys. Currently, I find inspiration through meaningful conversations, spending time outdoors, and by sharing a table with those that I love.

When I'm not at my desk, I can be found hiking, eating ice cream, or playing at a park and biking around Denver with my husband, Tim, and little boy, Oaks.  


photo by sara hasstedt