Art is communication. 

-madeleine l’engle 


You are the dreamers and leaders — the remarkable people with stories to tell, products to create, and services to render. Your brand is meaningful and unique, because you are meaningful and unique. 

I exist to help you craft your personality, dreams and ideas into a strong brand. Good design is a powerful tool for communicating and enables you to offer the marketplace a memorable brand experience. 

Together, we will work from the inside out —  clarifying your ideas, refining your visions, developing a conceptual direction. Then I create.

From logos to branding marks to packaging pieces and websites, no detail will be overlooked. I pour my heart and soul into designing inspiring and timeless visual elements for your brand.



  • identity

  • print

  • digital

  • lettering

  • logos, branding, direction, branding family systems
  • packaging, stationery, signage, anything we can dream up!
  • website + blog design, customized template development 
  • calligraphy, lettering illustration, paper goods*

*calligraphy and lettering projects taken on a limited basis